Welcome to the Ventura County Peace and Justice Network webpage!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This calendar stopped being updated in May 2016… **BUT** as of March 2017, there is renewed interest in getting this website going again. We are forming an advisory board and are working on hiring two *paid* calendar curators, one for West County and one for East County. If you are interested in helping out, donating time or money, or have other ideas/questions, please email me directly at donaldson.jake@gmail.com

Our Facebook page remains active.

Jake Donaldson
Calendar curator from Oct 2014 to May 2016


The Ventura County Peace and Justice Network was born in September of 2014, when  members of several organizations agreed on how great it would be if the progressive community in Ventura County was able to network better. One way in which we thought we could facilitate such a process was to create a calendar of events. Our hope is that the calendar makes it easier for people and organizations to support each other in the great work they are doing.

Issues you may find on the calendar include the following:

  • Academic Freedom
  • Agricultural Justice
  • Animal Rights
  • Anti-War
  • Art & Politics
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Civil Rights
  • Climate Change
  • Corporate Power
  • Death Penalty (opposing)
  • Disability Rights
  • Domestic Surveillance
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug War
  • Education Reform
  • Food Justice
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Gun Control
  • Healthcare Justice
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Immigration Reform
  • Human Rights
  • Inter-Religious Dialogue
  • Judicial System Justice
  • Labor Rights
  • LGBT Rights
  • Local Economy
  • Media Accuracy
  • Military-Industrial Complex
  • Net Neutrality
  • Nuclear Disarmament
  • Police Brutality
  • Poverty
  • Prison-Industrial Complex
  • Racism
  • Student Debt
  • Tax Reform
  • Union Rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Wall Street Regulation
  • Water Justice
  • Women’s Health
  • Women’s Rights

Again, I hope you find the calendar useful. Hopefully the website will grow with time. Feedback/suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Finally, if you wish to help out with this website, let us know. Our group has all sorts of dreams when it comes to strengthening our county’s progressive network, and growing this website is one step in facilitating that process!

Instructions for using the calendar:
– Click on any event on the Calendar to see details about that event, including (when possible) a link to the original announcement.
– Clicking on the “Find Events” or “Narrow Your Search Results” boxes, or on the colored categories, are all different ways to help you find events you might be interested in. Note you can use categories to search by event type and tags to search by issue/topic.
– Click on the “View As” box to toggle between Month, Week, Day, or List views (“Month” and “List” tend to be the most useful).

To add your own events, click herePlease add details of the event in the text as well, so when I review the event I can make sure it appears on the calendar in the right location and with the right links/details. (This website uses WP-Spamshield to protect your user information.) To see a list of events you have added, and to edit your events, click here.

Important disclaimers: This calendar is currently maintained by only one person, and the events listed are generally based on what I have been able to gather off the internet. It is strongly recommended that you contact the individual organizations to confirm that details of their events (date, time, location, etc.) are correct before attending.

I make every effort to update the calendar weekly, but given my time constraints, this doesn’t always happen. If you want to help out in any way, please email me at vcpjnetwork@gmail.com. Thanks!

Calendar Curator — Jake Donaldson:

Jake is a family physician who has lived and worked in Ventura County since 2009. His professional interests include evidence-based medicine, care of LGBTQ patients (he works for the Pride Clinic in Santa Paula), HIV-AIDS, obstetrics, pediatrics, and hospital medicine. Outside of medicine, his primary interest is in supporting what Martin Luther King, Jr. called the “Beloved Community” — i.e. the community of people who are striving to replace the culture of violence that we live in with a culture of nonviolence. To reach Jake, please send an email to vcpjnetwork@gmail.com.