Jun, 2017

Newsletter, Free Film, and Events

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This is Natalie Cherot writing for the newsletter this week. This week we have a special contribution from our advisory board member, Narissa Petchumrus.


On June 28th Free movie and discussion of Jane Jacobs, the great fighter of heartless “urban renewal.” Downtown Oxnard is a wonderful place. How can it be a better downtown for pedestrians, bike and bus riders?


The Oxnard Community Planning Group, writes about Jacobs’ contributions:

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was an urban writer and activist who championed new, community-based approaches to planning for over 40 years. Her 1961 treatise, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, became perhaps the most influential American text about the inner workings and failings of cities, inspiring generations of urban planners and activists. Her efforts to stop downtown expressways and protect local neighborhoods invigorated community-based urban activism and helped end Parks Commissioner Robert Moses’s reign of power in New York City.

Read the rest here on the Oxnard Community Planning Group website

MICROAGGRESSION Featured social justice topic of the week

From our advisory board member, Narissa Petchumrus:

This week’s word is microaggression.  The reason why this word was chosen is because we have perhaps heard of the word before, witnessed one being said, or even perpetuated them without knowing it.

Simply put, a microaggression is the casual degradation of any marginalized group.  Microaggressions tend to happen below the level of awareness of members of the dominant culture (the dominant culture being defined as English-speaking, European ancestry, Protestant/Christian faith, and generally dictated/benefiting cis-gendered, heterosexual males).  

Microaggressions aren’t the same as deliberate acts of bigotry such as racial slurs.  Microaggressions are subtle, covert forms of racism.  People who often perpetuate them don’t intend to offend, realize they are being racist, and are often unaware that they are causing harm.  

People who commit microaggressions also position the dominant culture as the norm and the minority one as deviant, that express disapproval of or discomfort with the minority group, that assume all minority group members are the same, that minimize the existence of discrimination against the minority group, seek to deny the perpetrator’s own bias, or minimize real conflict between the minority group and the dominant culture.    

Read the rest here



July 2 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Impeachment March, VC Government Center (

July 15 @ 12:00 pm – July 16 @ 6:00 pm

Redbird Intertribal Powwow, Moorpark Community College ( )


Solidarity Ventura County publicizes critical information on actions, events, and group meetings.  It is a progressive grassroots tool to complement local direct action. Our organization will facilitate communication and connection between activists, interested community members, and local organizations; and will become an informed and mobilized county-wide base, ready to stand by our community.  


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