Jul, 2017

Reason One to Visit the Museum of Ventura County

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You may have remembered the old Museum of Ventura County, the lovely stucco building off Main Street in downtown Ventura. Maybe you went once and maybe you forgot about going again. You weren’t alone.

The downtown museum paid deep homage to the old settler families. The museum told the same stories over and over for decades. It got stale. It lost its vibrancy.

We couldn’t see our own histories, our contributions to the community. We saw our art and our culture pushed aside.

It was time for the museum to innovate and uncover stories and art the community hadn’t seen or heard.

It changed.

Today you enter the website and greated with the reassuring phrase:


It is a simple statement. It is inclusive.

But the museum faces financial issues.

For the next few months I will offer some hopefully compelling reasons to visit the museum.

Reason One: The remodeled Chumash room

The room chronicles the Chumash through the Mission and Rancho periods to the present day.

Not to miss is the map depicting the Chumash village for Ventura and Santa Barbara County

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