Mar, 2018

A Recall Election and Raw Sewage into the Sea

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On the first day of the Thomas Fire 123,305 gallons of raw sewage landed in the ocean off Port Hueneme and Oxnard California.

The sewage had to be dumped because of old and worn generators. Oxnard city council wants this problem fixed. Now a council that cared about such things as the decaying sewer infrastructure that emits a nasty rotten egg smell from the manholes could be recalled because a rich man named Aaron Star.

This is the same Starr who lost a city council election. Starr hired a mess of lawyers to orchestrate another election of the city council that the voters already elected. Starr, upper management at HAAS Automation, is banking on the possible fact that there are enough citizens who won’t care about infrastructure so he can finally be on city council. He orchestrated a recall election so all these city council people with the vision and knowledge to understand that a wildfire in the mountains miles away wreak havoc on your beach and your water will be out of office. You need elected officials that think things like clean oceans, toilets, sewage, and energy grids matter because you matter. You deserve a beach without sewage. You should be able to swim and play in the sand without getting sick. 

The Recall Election is May 1, 2018

Read about the spill here at the Ventura County Star



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