Jul, 2018

Fear and a Hate Group Podcast

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On Monday, July 9, 2018, Solidarity Radio interviewed Dr. Marta Martinez-Bravo and Julie Diaz about Senate Bill 54, the California Values Act, also known as the “sanctuary state” law.

SB 54 aims to prohibit state and local law enforcement from holding undocumented immigrants in federal custody, unless they have been convicted of a list of designated crimes in the last 15 years, or are a registered sex offender.

Martha Martinez-Bravo and Julie Diaz Martinez attended the nearly six-hour Simi Valley City Council on June 25th. The SB54 supporters did not change the Simi Valley City Council’s decision to support a federal lawsuit challenging Senate Bill 54.

Dr. Martinez-Bravo walks in late the crowded Simi Valley City Hall. She spots a woman whose photo she later sees on a photo on Southern Poverty Law Center’s article, Racism rampant at California city council meetings on sanctuary policies. The woman belongs to, Federation for American Immigration Reform.

The Southern Poverty Law Center claims this organization is a hate group.

Hear more about Martha Martinez-Bravo and Julie Diaz Martinez’s experiences fighting SB54 in Ventura County, California on the Solidarity Radio podcast.

Video of how California’s SB54 works


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