Sep, 2018

Three Stories of Three Oxnard Beaches

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This podcast covers three Stories of three beaches: Silver Strand, Kiddie, and Ormond

My station manager at Radio Indigena (94.1fm) in Oxnard, California wanted me to do a show on the environmental safety of Kiddie Beach. The news is good. Kiddie Beach is cleaner. In the podcast I summarize recent Heal the Bay and California Water Board reports to let you know why Kiddie Beach has had problems with cleanliness.

The City of Oxnard has released a geographic information systems map with the location of all the sampling sites and the data collected at those sites.

I then talked to Oxnard locals over Facebook to see what what beach concerns they have. They spoke of the Silver Strand’s racist past and the beauty of Ormand. 

This show discusses the death of Letecia (Larry King). For a take on Silver Strand beach, check out the documentary Valentine Road. For free and legal way to watch it here

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