Sep, 2018

Free Indigenous Cookbook and Radio Matters

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This weekend’s Ventura County Peace and Justice Network’s podcast features a new research study documenting a Radio Indigena en Oxnard success story. I then summarize how the organization running the radio station, Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) co-developed a cookbook with researchers at CSU Channel Islands. The cookbook features recipes that may be helpful for suffers of helicobacter pylori and other illnesses. 

I dedicated this show to food lovers.

When I first told a friend I was thinking of doing a radio show he responded, ‘”radio is dead.”

Today I bring you a podcast story of radio’s relevance.

My radio station,  Radio Indigena in Oxnard, California is a subject of an academic study.

This May 2018 Health Promotion Practice  published an article about the Oxnard Radio station called “Providing Health Education to Mixtec Farmworkers in California via Workshops and Radio: A Feasibility Study. ” Like most academic articles the title is dry, but the message is clear. Community health projects getting a boast with radio play.

Radio stations are exploring ways to remain relevant, more to learn. Radio Indigena does this one a slim budget. It is a project of MICOP.

In this podcast I also cover some benefits of indigenous food contained in recipes in MICOP’s Mixteco Heritage Cookbook. Get a free copy here.

Academia and nutrition policy has been slow to recognize indigenous cooking. It’s nice to see local researchers work on mutual projects with the indigenous community instead of indigenous simply as objects of studies. 

Research in Podcast from ingredients in the Mixteco Heritage Cookbook

Anthocyanin Profile of Red Maize Native from Mixteco Race and Their Antiproliferative Activity on Cell Line DU145

This article covers promising research on indigenous blue corn and lung and colon cancer

Chemical, Antioxidant, and Cytotoxic Properties of Native Blue Corn Extract

Article addresses benefits of blue corn

Anti-Helicobacter pylori Potential of Three Edible Plants Known as Quelites in Mexico

New research showing a delicious green plant’s ability to treat a bacteria causing some ulcers.


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