Dec, 2018

Ventura County’s Most Polluted Neighborhoods

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Did you know there is an area of Oxnard the state of California considers is one of the most polluted places in the state?  Here is a short informative video about air pollution in Oxnard. Natalie Cherot, PhD did the research.  John Alarid formerly of NBC news, shot and edited a fast-paced video. It is perfect to show for people who don’t have a lot of time, easily bored, or don’t want a long winded and slow moving explanation about pesticide exposure.

This is the California map used throughout the video.

When you watch the video you will see a red zone that stretches through Oxnard’s Rose Park, Colonia, and Five Points neighborhoods. The state considers this an area with one of the highest levels of air, water, and land pollution in California.

The video only covers pesticide exposure. The Ventura County Peace and Justice Network will create more videos about water and land environmental concerns in Ventura County.

What Can Be Done about Pollution?

The state of California gives grants to organizations serving high pollution neighborhoods to promoting cleaner air and water.

Dr. Manuel M. Lopez Garden in Oxnard is a great space to learn pesticide free gardening. To the south of Oxnard in Camarillo is McGrath farm and Abundant Table Farm. Both that have been recognized for their innovations ways they manage productive farms without using pesticides. Both farms offer low cost and free classes to teach the community how to farm without pesticides. To the north of Oxnard in the City of Ventura, Rincon-Vitova Insectaries has successfully using bugs to fight fruit and vegetable fungus at local farms for decades.

Links to Research in Video

Update to the California Communities Environmental Health Screening Tool

Drifting pesticides linked to prostate cancer

Cancer incidence among pesticide applicators exposed to captan in the Agricultural Health Study

Contemporary-Use Pesticides in Personal Air Samples during Pregnancy and Blood Samples at Delivery among Urban Minority Mothers and Newborns

The Breakthrough: Used as ‘Guinea Pigs’ by the U.S. Military, Then Discarded

Chloropicrin Leakage Test of the M17 Protective Mask Equipped with Drinking and Resuscitation Devices Worn by Volunteers

Video Creators

John Alarid is a two-time Emmy-Award winning broadcast journalist, and three-time Golden Mike recipient, for his work as a Writer, Editor and Content Producer for NBC Universal. He has a long list of Golden Mike and Emmy Award nominations for working on numerous award-winning series and documentaries as an Editor and Writer for KNBC News.  The LA Press Club has also acknowledged Alarid for his talents and skills.

Alarid has written several screenplays that have placed in various screenwriting competitions, including the thriller “A Kodak Moment” which won Best Feature at the 2006 Moondance Film Festival.

Natalie Cherot, PhD, is a researcher, social scientist, and journalist based in California.

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