Solidarity Radio Podcast

Solidarity Radio is recorded live at the Radio Indigena studio in Oxnard, California

Find Radio Indigena online or through app for iOS and Android. In Ventura County, California, the station can be found on 94.1 FM, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Pacific Time. The station is also available through phone by calling +1 (605) 475-0090.

Radio Indígena Media

This First-of-Its-Kind Radio Station Caters to Oxnard’s Growing Indigenous Community

From Remezcla: Radio Indígena provides 40 hours of original programming each week in Spanish, Mixteco, and Zapoteco. The station arose because it needed to fill a void in Oxnard, but the station has listeners from across the country and world. 94.1 FM is mostly accessible to those living in Oxnard, California, but the episodes are also available online.

California’s ‘Radio Indigena’ Amplifies Multilingual Voice of Indigenous Immigrants

From Telesur: The first Mexican Indigenous radio station in the U.S. hopes to end isolation, inform and empower their community in Southern California and beyond.

Story of Solidarity Radio

The radio show was the idea of Ventura County Peace and Justice Network founder Dr. Jake Donaldson. Natalie Cherot, PhD is the show’s current host and producer.

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