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Follow the Money

Want to know who is funding your local politicians? Go to Follow the Money

The website publishes a federal and  50-state database of contributions documenting $50+ billion, plus more than 2 million state lobbyist-client relationships that are registered annually. Recent expansions include selected local-level data, collecting independent spending reports for federal campaigns and in 31 states, and lobbying spending in 20 states.

MapLight California

Visit this site to discover financial contributions to state-level candidates and ballot measures. This data can be quickly and easily browsed using MapLight’s California Power Search or Maplight’s California Independent Expenditures Search. Both use the California Secretary of State’s data.

The site also includes contributions made to Assemblymembers and Senators in the California State Legislature . This data is obtained from the National Institute on Money in State Politics. Using this data, we show how much interest groups like gas and electric utilities and attorneys and law firms contribute to your representatives in Sacramento.



The ACLU has a page to sign online petitions and emails to federal elected officials here


Find Agendas and Watch Video of Ventura County Supervisor and other meeting board meetings here

Watch City of Fillmore Commission, Committee, and Council meetings here

Watch City of Santa Paula Commission, Committee, and Council meetings here

Watch City of Simi Valley Agency, City Council, and Task Force meetings here

Watch City of Ventura Commission, Committee, and Council meetings  here


We have a whole page dedicated to this here


If you’d like to learn more, check out this list of organizations that provide mentoring to people interested in running for local, state, and federal office (courtesy of Sister District).  

If you’re a scientist and are thinking about running for office,  314 Action has some great information for you.


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