Old (Google) Calendar

The following calendar (a Google Calendar plugin) was active from November 2014 through mid-July 2015, before we decided to switch over to the current calendar.

Instructions for using the calendar: Be careful scrolling down to the calendar, as it has a scroll function of its own. Then click on any event on the calendar to know further details about that event. For a list of categories, and to toggle on and off each category, click on the small arrow in the top-right corner of the calendar. You can also jump between different views of the calendar using the buttons to the top-right.

Ventura County Peace and Justice Network Calendar*:

*Disclaimers: Our calendar is currently maintained by only a few individuals, and the events listed are generally based on what we have been able to gather off the internet. We strongly recommend contacting the individual organizations to confirm that details of their events (date, time, location, etc.) are correct before attending.

We make every effort to update the calendar weekly (usually on Tuesday or Wednesday), but given our time constraints, this doesn’t always happen. If you belong to an organization and wish to have administrative access to our calendar so you can help out with maintaining the calendar and assure that your information is accurate, we’d be happy to grant it. Email us at Thanks!

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